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Buy Meat Online

buy meat online

The American culture has heavy markings of cowboy tendencies, which include a raging love for meat. The USDA indicates that the beef business in the United States currently values at $105 billion. The traditional cowboy takes pride in sensing and smelling beef from the butcher before taking it home. This analog meat market has undergone replacement by the fast-rising online sales and marketing market schemes. Our local butchers have opened up possibilities to order steak at the comfort of your home.

It is possible to buy meat online, but should you?

How can you manage to pick the right color and smell of meat behind a screen? So how does one manage to pick something that has impeccable promises but lacks evidence to support its claims? There are a handful of benefits and tips about the online purchase of meat that will guide you to make an important transaction.

Tips for buying meat online

  • Select an online vendor who reveals the source of their supply. Grass-fed animals tend to give you your money’s worth due to their high nutritional content. Additionally, you will have a better night knowing that your seller is a steward of proper animal treatment. Farm View Market believes in supporting small farmers who give their animals all the essential nutritional value and physical care.
  • Find an online store within your locality. Common sense would be that local meat would take a considerably short shipping period. You are unlikely to miss news about any flaws of the butcher business within your town or state.

Why you should Buy Meat Online

  • As mentioned above, online meat sellers tend to incline towards revealing the source of their meat. This information means that you will know the precise details of what you are getting. It is unlikely that you will quiz all your neighborhood butchers about the source of their meat before making a purchase.
  • You will be supporting the local craft of butchers, chefs, restaurants, and ranchers create a better breeding environment for animals when they circulate the money to better their areas of work.
  • You will get the convenience of saving you a trip to the store every time you want a steak. You can stock up supply that will last you months with the proper storage environment.
  • Online meat sellers eliminate the use of an intermediary and consequentially lessen the price of meat.
  • A store such as ours has a wide array of meat options. There are all kinds of pork, beef, and poultry meat to pick.
  • You will get hassle-free carriage if you order massive amounts of meat. An online buyer does not have to worry about transporting hefty pounds of beef that will serve a big sitting, such as a party or the family’s long-term supply. Farm View ships out all its orders within a 48-window period after the purchase. Clients outside the southeastern region of the US will receive well-conserved order within 72 hours. We use USP Ground or USPS Ground to ship orders; hence, the shipping fee will depend on the carrier’s rates and your preferred shipment speed.



Buy Meat Online

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Grass Fed Beef Online

Grass-fed beef has become quite popular because of the great benefits it has to humans, animals, and the planet at large. The feeding routine of a cow can have immense effects on the nutritional composition of its beef. Grass-fed beef has low-fat content, high content of omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and antioxidant vitamins. Also, grass-fed beef is good for your health. Are you looking for grass-fed beef? We are your go-to suppliers.

At FarmView Market, we proudly supply our customers with grass fed beef online at affordable prices. All our beef products are derived from grass-raised and grass-finished cows. We embrace traditional farming methods to ensure a high standard of animal welfare. What’s more, our clients are guaranteed premium quality beef supply. Our beef is sourced from trusted local farmers and our very own farm.

What are the Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef?

In addition to being environmentally sustainable, grass-fed beef is nutritionally superior. This farming method prevents the breeding of anti-resistant bacteria that can predispose humans to health risks. Below are the benefits of grass-fed beef:

  • Prevents Cancer

Grass-fed beef contains a significant amount of CLA, which is known to prevent and treat chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. A diet with high levels of CLA lowers the chances of women getting breast cancer.

  • Reduce the Chances of Getting Heart Disease

The high amount of CLA present in grass-fed beef is also believed to reduce the chances of people getting heart-related diseases. Grass-fed beef is rich in antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E, which is known to fight heart diseases. The nutritional composition of grass-fed beef is ideal for lowering levels of dietary cholesterol.

How is Grass Fed Beef Good for Animal Welfare?

Grazing cattle are happier compared to feedlot cattle. Grain is like ice cream to cows; delicious and fun to eat. However, just like the way humans are not meant to make ice cream their sole ration, cows should not be eating grain only.

The PH in animals is too acidic, making it important to give your cow plenty of roughage alongside grain. Otherwise, you will be subjecting your cows to various health problems.

How Green Fed Beef Benefits the Planet

Generally, beef is not environmentally-friendly since it produces methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas. However, grass-fed beef advocates for well-managed grazing. This helps to offset methane and other harmful greenhouse gases related to beef cattle by ensuring that carbon is locked in the soil. Vegetation soaks up and stores carbon to prevent carbon dioxide, which is another greenhouse gas, from being released into the atmosphere. Poorly managed grazing pastures lead to less carbon sequestration, exposing humans to the risk of more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Where to Get Grass Fed Beef Products

We have different beef products ranging from ice cream to burgers. Get in touch with us to find genuine grass fed beef online. At FarmView Market, we have a variety of fresh farm products at affordable prices. To place your order, call us on (884) 210-7030.

Where To Buy Berkshire Pork

Have you been craving pork lately? Then you better try out Berkshire pork for an exceptional pork experience. Berkshire pork is a breed of pig that was discovered in Berkshire, the United Kingdom about 300 years ago. The pork is reputable for its texture, juiciness, tenderness, marbling, and overall flavor depth. Unlike regular pork, Berkshire pork has a specific taste that is not generic, bland, or mild. Wondering where to buy Berkshire pork? We’ve got you covered.

At FarmView Market, we are known for our fresh farm products that are sourced from our farm, and other trusted local farmers. Our pigs are fed with fresh vegetables to prevent them from breeding harmful bacteria. We care about our customers’ health. As such, we do not use antibiotics to boost the growth of our pigs or control diseases. All our pigs are raised naturally without receiving added hormones.

What are the Health Benefits of Pork?

For many years pork has been competing with chicken as an alternative to red meat. Here are some health benefits of adding pork to your diet:

  • A Source of Proteins

Protein is essential in the human diet. Meat products have a high content of protein. Pork will provide you and your family with enough protein content and with less fat as compared to red meat. Pork is an ideal protein source for people looking to increase their muscle mass.

  • A Source of Vitamins

Pork contains many vitamins. Most importantly, pork is a great source of vitamin C, which is good for the brain as it helps to fight mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

What Should You Look for When Buying Pork?

Everyone wants to buy tasty and nutritious pork. However, many people assume that all pork tastes the same, which is not true. Here are some tips that will help you get the best pork in the market:

  • The Color of Pork

The pork you buy should look purplish pink to reddish pink. Light colored pork might look appealing, but do not pick it. Darker pork tastes better when cooked the right way.

  • Fat

Be sure to check the fat inside a pork cut before buying it. That fat is called marbling. Marbling is known to make the meat tender and juicy if cooked properly. Ensure the pork you are buying has enough marbling.

Advantages of Pasture-Raised Pork

Pigs that are raised on pasture have access to plenty of sunshine and natural forage, making their fat and meat richer in micronutrients. These micronutrients mostly include; minerals such as selenium and soluble vitamins D and E. Just like humans, pigs’ vitamin D is made in their skin. Pasture grazing exposes pigs to sunlight, making them richer in vitamin D.

Pigs raised on pasture are not routinely given antibiotics, making their meat safe and healthy for human consumption.

Buy Berkshire pork

Are you looking for where to buy Berkshire pork? At FarmView Market, you will get pasture-raised Berkshire pork at competitive prices. To place your order, call us on (844) 210-7030.

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