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Farmview Market represents a big idea that all started with a little garden…

The idea started with seeing how much our own employees enjoyed fresh vegetables from a small company garden.

We realized true, fresh, local food was almost impossible to find. From that small start we saw an opportunity to combine our expertise with our interests in farming, agriculture, and community engagement.

Farmview Market Potatoes

Roots in Agriculture

Kelly Products, our parent company, has deep roots in agriculture, and we continue to expand our production capabilities. We operate from a desire to inspire our friends and our communities to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Local Sourcing

Farmview Market provides a new retail environment that incorporates a grocery store, traditional butcher shop, casual café and farmers market—all featuring delicious, locally sourced, farm to table offerings.

Farmview Market Pecan Pie

Committed to Community

We believe that helping people understand where their food comes from – and the positive impact buying local and eating healthier can have – will result in more vibrant, connected and economically sustainable communities.

At Farmview...

  • We are strengthening communities.

    By selling local farm to table products, we are generating economic value for local farms and farmers while bringing communities closer to their food sources.

  • We are educating consumers.

    We are empowering consumers to make smarter, healthier decisions and eat local. We are offering sustainable options to all who desire a healthy, high quality diet for themselves and their families.

  • We are embracing sustainability.

    As responsible consumers and producers, we are developing sustainable agricultural systems, through a dependence on and a movement back to our agricultural heritage – working with nature and seeking to re-diversify the land. We, and our local farm partners, are good stewards of the land and are working on building fertility through crop and animal rotation. Our food sustainability approach improves the environment and the economy of our local community.

  • We are committed to providing the highest quality products.

    Because our focus is local, there is high accountability of our farm partners to exceed consumer expectations, monitored through quality and freshness standards.

  • We are facilitating new opportunities for local farmers.

    We support local farms and farmers. Our goal is to provide more value than that of the traditional market chain.