Rock House Farm Charcuterie Gift Box



Wow your guests this season with our Rock House Farm Charcuterie Gift Box, which includes grassfed summer sausage, small batch cheddar cheese, pepper jam, crackers and olive tapenade, all from local producers. Rock House Farm is our family farm in Leesburg, GA where we produce grassfed beef. Our dairy in Newborn houses a small batch, artisan creamery where we make the very best creamline whole milk and a variety of fresh and aged cheeses. Our cheddar cheese has been aged a minimum of 4 months. This charcuterie box is perfect for any holiday gathering, and for anyone who likes to try new brands and products. Impress your guests by serving up snacks from a local farm.

In addition to grassfed and finished beef, Rock House Farm raises heritage Berkshire hogs. We carry a variety of specialty artisan cut meats from Rock House Farm that make great gifts for the meat lovers in your life.

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The Charcuterie Gift Box includes:

  • Rock House Creamery Cheddar Cheese
  • Rock House Farm Summer Sausage
  • Olive Tapenade
  • Georgia Sourdough Crackers
  • Farmview Market Strawberry Jalapeno Pepper Jam, 20 oz. jar

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Why our milk makes the best cheese

Rock House Creamery dairy cows are a cross of Holstein, Angus and Swedish Red. They produce milk high in butterfat which provides an exceptionally flavorful milk, with a rich creamy texture. Additionally, our milk is minimally processed. Our milk is pasteurized using a low-temperature pasteurization process, which limits the denaturing of milk proteins and preserves quality.

What is creamline milk?

Creamline milk is one of the most natural forms of milk. It is pasteurized, but not homogenized.  Homogenization is the process after pasteurization where the cream is permanently mixed into the body of the milk. When milk is not homogenized, the milk and cream separate giving you the cream line you see at the top. That’s why we recommend giving it a shake before drinking.

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