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Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is coming up, and you’re likely already bookmarking pecan pie recipes. In all the flurry around menu planning, it’s easy to forget about what you’ll be serving on. We suggest planning your table settings in advance, too, so you don’t find yourself running around frenzied at the last minute searching for platters.  Setting a beautiful table doesn’t have to require extravagant, expensive china. You can (and should) work with what you have. Here are some décor themes to keep things easy and budget-friendly:

Keep it Neutral

Thanksgiving dinner is colorful enough on its own. You’ve got your greens, your cranberry sauce, and your sweet potatoes. Brightly patterned china and linens can take attention away from the food and crowd the table.  You can use shades of tan and white instead to make the food stand out. To keep costs down, borrow dishes from friends and guests.  Most people have a set of white plates or serving dishes around and keeping everything in one palette gives the table a blended yet coordinated look.

Make it Fancy

If you appreciate a nice white tablecloth restaurant and plan to dress up for Thanksgiving dinner, you may want a more formal table setting. That doesn’t have to mean heirloom silver or expensive linens. Our best rule of thumb for formal dining is to match everything. Use the same plates, cutlery and napkin rings at every setting – the end result will look expensive even if it isn’t. Another easy trick: Lay a linen runner over a tablecloth. It takes only a moment but looks carefully planned and elegant.

Make It Cozy

Thanksgiving is the time when you want to gather family and friends around the table for some good food and a few laughs. Not only does a shabby chic décor provide a warm and cozy scene, but is easy to do on the cheap.  Try some of these tips:

Keep things easy when shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, as well.  Farmview Market has a terrific selection of local turkeys and farm fresh ingredients like locally sourced pecans, sweet potatoes and greens to make your favorite recipes shine.   Make things even easier on yourself by ordering a full Thanksgiving meal prepared by the chefs at Farmview Market all ready to heat and eat.  From pasture raised heritage turkeys, to home style sides, and even homemade desserts, getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table could not be easier.  But don’t worry, we’ll never tell!